Smoothie Bar

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Our Story

A Fairy tale place
for the child inside us all

Once upon a time in a dark corner of London, a shop like no other emerged from the fairy tales. A very different place from the ordinary became a timeless rabbit hole, to a world where children’s laughter and adults’ memories blend in an eternal dance of magic and taste.

Allure yourself to taste a bit of magic and join the fairylands!

Taste the most amazing desserts, created in front of your very eyes. Have a selfie with the sweet and good witch Emily or one of the other characters in fairy tale costumes. Release the child inside of you for an unforgettable experience and the sweetest of sweet dreams.

The Journey

Our heroes wondered the world to find the dreamiest sweets and the tastiest treats to share with everyone they meet. From the forests of the Czech Republic, they nicked the Chimney Cake, where crispy sugary crunchiness meets fluffy dough sprinkled with cinnamon, vanilla and stardust.


On good witch Emily’s magic broom, our heroes flew onwards to England, to find Cotton Candy with fluffy ice cream, pink bubbles and children’s smiles. In Holland, behind the windmills and tulip fields, they dug up the secret recipe hidden for generations, for the most delicious Poffertjes, a light spongy buttery treat topped with ice-cream, fruits and dreams.


Passing Belgium, incredible Bubble Waffles lay waiting to be discovered with bubbles that melt in your mouth and linger in the memory. Fruity jellies, handmade gelato and lollipops only add to the indulgence. Hiding in Italy was the secret recipe for Handmade Gelato. Ice cream lighter than clouds, in unique flavours to complement all of the other delicacies.


In Canada, the richest and reddest and crispiest of Candy Apples were picked from the trees. At journey’s end, in Japan, the Bear Waffles were discovered, ready to be filled with ice cream, fresh fruits and other mesmerising goodies.


Half close your eyes and if you are lucky enough, you might witness our heroes flying above Camden on their mission to find more wonderful treats, wherever they are hiding!